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Welcome to AMPLEX, where we work hard to provide our customers with choice, hand selected plants and trees, as well as personalized customer service. AMPLEX offers a wide variety of products - from trees, shrubs, palms, tropicals, natives, citrus and fruit trees, groundcover, aquatic and mitigation plants. With two locations in Central Florida, and purchasing ability at nurseries throughout the Southeast, California, and Oregon, AMPLEX is dedicated to providing each of our customers with quality, selection, and value.

At AMPLEX we are delighted to be of service to you.

Amplex is a grower and re-wholesaler of plant material serving landscape and property maintenance contractors, local municipalities, retail garden centers, landscape architects and designers, and wholesale nurseries.

Amplex offers the most variety of plant material that you will find in one location.

We offer 2 convenient purchasing methods.

  • You may pick-up your order at one of our two locations in Central Florida.
  • Delivery is available nationwide to your office, nursery, or job-site.

With plant species available from more than 2,500 resources, together with our own production nursery, we offer an almost unlimited choice of quality plants and trees.

We purchase material from nurseries throughout the Southeast, Mid-America, Oregon, and California.

See all of our available offerings in our Plant Catalog.

We offer delivery throughout the United States with competitive freight rates. These rates can be found in the Freight section of our website.

Our fleet of trucks offers a variety of delivery options. Our fleet includes refrigerated units, drop-deck flatbeds, and demountable systems.

Our demountable trailers allow you to combine a flat bed load of large trees with a load of delicate plants that require shelving in a box truck.

Our buyers make personal visits to nurseries to hand select your material.

We are always searching to find plants that are of exceptional quality and/or of special value. We identify these plants as Featured Items.

Photos of these plants are posted on our website under Featured Items and on our Facebook page - see for yourself the quality of plants you can expect from Amplex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy plants if I am not a landscaper?

As we are a wholesale nursery, only Amplex registered customers can purchase products. To qualify as an Amplex customer, your business must be within the landscape, horticultural, local government, or retail nursery industries.

How do I register as an Amplex customer?

Simply fill out the forms in the Become A Customer section here on our website. We will then process your application and a sales representative will contact you.

How do I register as an Amplex Vendor?

Simply fill out the request in the Become A Vendor section here on our website. We will then process your request and a purchasing agent will contact you.

Do you deliver?

Absolutely. If you are unable to pick up your material at one of our locations, simply submit your order to your sales representative. We will then give you a quote on your material including applicable Delivery Charges.

How do I know if you have a specific plant?

You can access our Product List on this website. If you still cannot find the product you are looking for, contact your sales representative for more information. Amplex buys material all over the Southeast, Mid-America, California, and Oregon, and our availability changes daily.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, and Debit Cards. Amplex offers credit terms to customers in the state of Florida who meet our requirements of an approved application, ag license, and ag bond.

Where is Amplex located?

Our Home office is located in Clearwater, Florida, and our growing grounds are at numerous locations throughout the United States. Please click here to see location information.

Our Staff

  • We will listen
  • We will learn
  • We will show up early
  • We will stay late
  • We will make mistakes and correct them to the best of our ability
  • We will do whatever it takes to deliver
  • We will always be there for you
  • Thank you for allowing us to serve you today

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Amplex President George Kostilnik
George Kostilnik - President
Amplex Vice President Tami McKnight
Tami McKnight - Vice President

Sales Staff

Amplex Clearwater Sales George Jr
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John C. - Sales/Customer Service

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Judy - Accounts Receivable

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Clearwater Nursery Crew

Amplex Clearwater Nursery Crew
Clearwater Nursery Crew
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Manuel - Clearwater Nursery Manager

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